1st Payment From Bux gs Received in 1 Day

Bux gs payment proof

Well, I post this proof a bit late, I was going on a holiday before, and after i came back from my holiday i don't have desire to post this payment proof, now i have gotten the desire to post this payment proof..

Bux gs now just have a few of ads to surf and keep getting low of ads, when I received my payment from bux.gs, bux.gs have 5 ads to surf( going down from 6 to 5 ), now it just have 4 ads to surf ( going down from 5 to 4 ). But it's still a good ptc to join.

As you can see on the image above,I requested my payment via paypal and got $8.74 in that image it says "Instant" but it's not received instantly, it needs 1 day to process the payment, well it's fast enough for me :)
I had joined bux gs long time ago, but i just received this payment.. because bux.gs minimum payment is very high ( $9.00 ), anyway i didn't waste any of my money in bux.gs

To join bux.gs under me just click the image above either the banner below. I'm giving out 50% ref cashback or $0.25 / 100 clicks in bux gs for everyone joined under me, just click here for more info about the refcashback.

Thank you bux.gs for my first payment

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