My own thoughts on BUX sites

Well, this are my own thoughts on bux sites.Bux sites won't make any of us rich or make big profit, as the owner wants to earn more than we earn.

Well, i didn't disallow you all to join in bux sites or continue make profit in bux sites. I just want you all know that bux sites won't make us big profit at all, bux sites aren't investing business but it's just money game that sooner or later will turn scam.

Sites on 'surf ads' usually aren't advertisers sites but bux site's own site.Because there is just a few advertisers want advertise on bux sites, as there will just a few people see their ads because all bux sites members are forced to see the ads, and the members always see the same ads everyday, usually they didn't read the ads but just wait the "30 second" is up so they can close the window.The advertisers got is just fake traffic and good alexa rank, so they can sell their sites with high price.

And usually bux sites have fake referral that aren't human at all that they sell to its members.The fake referral will just stop clicking at the end so that the fake referral buyer will lose their money.Well, not all fake referral buyer will lose their money as usually bux sites allow some people to have profit so that they can tell others that the bux sites is good.

If you still want join and make money on BUX sites, go on as i won't disallow you to do that, but for me i prefer make money with PTR,selling links,and any others that are not PTC than make money with PTC. :)

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