Paid To Review Tutorial

After i wrote a tutorial about PTC here, now i write a tutorial about PTR.

What is PTR?

Paid to Review usually called PTR. As its name,we get paid for review something.In your blog or in someone site..

FocalPrice for example..FocalPrice paid us to review product in their site..and there is Paid to post review..This sites pay us to post review in our blog.. Such as LinkWorth.

Now,i write a tutorial about Paid to post review.

Who involved in PTR?

Those who involved in paid to post reviews :

  • Blogger : blog owner who would post paid review in their blog

  • Advertiser : those who want to advertise their product/services

  • Broker : a company or website owner that act as middleman/mediator between bloggers and advertisers.

But, sometimes bloggers and advertisers didn't use broker service as mediator. But directly contact advertisers as a blogger, or directly contact bloggers as an advertiser.

What do we need?

  • A blog :
    You absolutely need this.You can make a free blog with Blogger or WordPress.

  • High PageRank Blog :
    Not all broker apply this rule,but usually we needed to have 3 PageRank or higher.

  • Alexa Traffic Rank under 300.000 :
    Usually broker apply rule to have blog with alexa rank under 300.000.

  • A blog that have well grammar and spelling content

  • 3 months old blog

I don't have any blog that have 3 PR or higher!
Make your blog have 3 PR or higher isn't easy task. But, There's an alternate way to have 3 PR blog or higher, by buying others domain that already have 3 PR or higher.

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