BuxWiz is selling its site / BuxWiz on sale

Admin of BuxWiz just post this at BuxWiz forum today at 11 AM :


Just read a thread at another forums regrading BuxWiz. As we said earlier, there are some vital backdoor stuff going on. There will be an ownership change soon as we are finding it hard to manage all of it. Time is what we are lacking right now. It wasn't said earlier to avoid a confusion/chaos at the forums. We are right now inviting offers from serious and honest individuals. Minimum acceptable bid is $5000.

You are requested to contact admin[at]buxwiz[dot]com with your queries or bids.

Regarding paused cashouts, our PayPal account is right now limited temporarily limited following frequent chargebacks as you can see in the sreenshot below.

We have been asked to submit some documents and we have already done that. Just waiting for it to be resolved. Payments should be resumed shortly as I said yesterday. No one will lose their accounts/money/investments as the new owner will be running the site just as we did. Apart from that we will be still here, for atleast a month, assisting the new owner through everything.

BuxWiz was such a great site before, however bux sites just can't sustain for long time. As it pays so big for member's clicks and has a big advertisement cost value.

Good bux sites are just going down one by one, day by day.
As we know changes in the administration of the site can never make a site sustain again. Just like TuiBux and ValueBux it isn't paying anymore because the new administration will not pay on the old debts.

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