BuxWiz - Halved Direct Referral Earning

I quote this from BuxWiz forum. Admin of BuxWiz posted it.

Hi folks,

Been closely watching BuxWiz's health lately. After two weeks of study, I have decided to bring about some changes. I am sure most users wouldn't agree with the new changes, still these changes are inevitable for the site's general health. So I request everyone to co-operate with us.

Starting tomorrow(right after tomorrows ads reset), there will be certain changes with present direct referral earnings. We have decided to halve direct referral earnings for Standard/Wizard members. There are similar changes for other memberships as well. The new click rates are as said below.

  • Standards/Wizards ($0.003)
  • Magicians ($0.005)
  • Coral/Garnet  ($0.006)
  • Jade/Ruby ($0.007)
  • Royals ($0.008)

Please note that there are no changes with rented referral earnings. Rented referral earnings will stay as it is.
We are also planning to bring about some other changes which would help Standard members to increase their earnings.

So, BuxWiz halved direct referral earnings. Before the direct referral earnings was $0.005/click for standard/wizard members, with this update the direct referral earnings was $0.003/click. However no changes for own clicks and rented referral clicks, own clicks still at $0.01/click and rented referral clicks still at $0.005/click for standard/wizard members.


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