Obeus(Beta) - The Democratic PPC Advertising Service


For you that haven't know yet..PPC stands for Pay Per Click.PPC pays us everytime the "PPC ad" we placed on our site/blog clicked by our visitors.Well it's not really the PPC pays us, but the advertisers pays the PPC(broker) and the PPC pays us(Publisher).

Well it's true that Obeus still in Beta stage.But I recommend Obeus as PPC advertising service.Because it has some awesome features and has very Low Minimum Payout/Withdrawal.
Just see below..

Obeus Features

  • No fictitious prices on advertising; all prices are defined by real demand and supply!
  • Single account for advertiser and publisher — advertise your site and make money on it simultaneously.
  • Affiliate Program — get 40% bonus of any referred publisher earnings and 10% of any referred advertiser spends. FOREVER!
  • Sites Catalogue with review and rating system.

Publisher Features

  • Make money publishing ads on your web-site.
  • Full-controllable Ad block design.
  • Tolerant policy: Obeus accept sites of different size and popularity.
  • Detailed earnings statistics.
  • Traffic counter and other additional features.
  • Payment options: PayPal(min $5.00), AlertPay(min $5.00), LibertyReserve(min $1.00), Pecunix(min $5.00) and e-Gold(min $1.00).

Advertiser Features

  • Full-controllable advertising campaign: detailed spend statistics, daily spend limits are supported.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) minimum is 1 cent only!
  • Fast advertising campaign setup.
  • Fair CPM policy: you won't pay for useless traffic!
  • Advanced forecasting tool.
  • Obeus accept 125x125, 468x60, 728x90 banners (GIF, JPG, PNG or even Flash!)
  • Payment options: Visa/MasterCard, AlertPay, LibertyReserve and Pecunix.

Interested to join Obeus??
Just click the picture above or click here to join under me.
OR click here to join without referral link.

It cost you nothing to join under me, but you support me if you join under me.
So, Thanks a LOT for You That Joined / Willing to Join Under Me

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