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Are you preparing for Project Management Professional exam(PMP Exam) right now? As we know, Project management is a job requiring a professional and certified manager to do it. Project Management Professional certification(PMP Certification) is one that you needed and also many experienced project manager enhance skill, ability, knowledge and certified as professional project manager. Many people wants to follow an PMP Exam, but it seem very expensive and require big effort to challenge PMP exam. Several companies even charge $1,000 for one complete PMP exam course. Learning PMP exam lesson also requiring many time for student mastering the lesson. For you a busy project manager, it maybe will be very difficult. You must divide your time to learn PMP exam and still doing your own job. If you are a mobile person, you even will be more difficult to learn this PMP lesson. You need flexible media to learn all the PMP exam lessons such as video lesson or audio lesson.

There is a solution for you, if you have these problems maybe you must visit Cornelious Fitchner site at Exam Prep). He has been experienced in PMP exam since 2004, he said that “he is in the thight budget when he want to pass PMP exam”, he learned PMP exam with flexible method such as audio and video lesson that can be watched everywhere. After he pass his PMP exam in April 2004, he want to share experiences and offers low price course material for PMP exam for everyone that wanting to pass PMP exam.

PMP PrepCast offer us cheaper PMP training than any other PMP training on the market. They only charge $99.97 for the complete training. Other companies charge up to $1,000 for the same training. Currently there is nobody who charges less than they do.

The PM PrepCast is a 40-hour long video course that you can download and put into your iPod (or other type of portable media player). So in essence it is a "Videocast" with 120 lessons. Once you have the course on your player you can pretty much watch it anywhere you want. Many people used it on their way to work, when they work out, and you could watch it even when you were swimming.

So the PrepCast is not only ideal for people who have limited time available in the day, but it also ideal for people who have a tight budget to learn or those who simply prefer to study on their own.

The PM PrepCast teaches the student everything that they need to know in order to prepare for the PMP exam. In particular: The PM PrepCast reviews all the concepts, tools & techniques that come from The PMBOK Guide. 75% of the knowledge required for the exam comes from this PMBOK Guide.

All you need to do is watch and learn!

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3 comments to “The PM PrepCast”
Nathaniel @ pmp certification online said...

I already heard about the PM PrepCast and I can assure all your readers that it's great!

You are able to learn about Project Management in a low/cheap price! Also, you can download all the lectures that even when you are at the gym running in a treadmill, you are so able to learn about PM!

Great work!

Watch Movie Online Free said...

I am first here visiting your site while I'm Glad your a post i really like it .. thanks sharing

Teak Furniture said...

Good info you have one of my friend is preparing for the PM exam I will share your post to him.

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