LinkGrand Launching Premium Membership

Premium Upgrade Premium Membership *PRE-ORDER* Our official premium launch date is April 18th, 2010. We highly encourage users to pre-order now! Our advertisers are looking forward to at least 1000 premium members on launch day. As a confirmed premium member, there will be more links available for you to click on that are not available to regular members. You will earn double cash on all premium links viewed. This is $0.006 for each click. You will be placed on our priority mailing list so that you receive all newsletters and updates before regular members. You will be granted the option to have an email sent to you each time a new link is available. You will continue to receive 10% commission on all purchases from your referrals and 30% of their earnings from clicking. This complete package of benefits is available for an amazingly low, amazingly simple yearly payment of just $10.00 ! OR get a lifetime membership for a one-time payment of just $20.00 and never pay again! The choice is yours.
The Linkgrand premium membership is very cheap, it is just $20.00 for lifetime. By using the premium membership we could earn even more from LinkGrand. Premium member will get even more link, because there is some advertisers that only want to give the ads only to premium members. We also earn double cash (0.6 cents) on premium links viewed, just on premium links maybe?? and not the normal links?

Also, we will get email every time ads showed up! This is really great i think. But from what i saw,i think it is not really worth it since we still get 0.3 cents every clicks( see above, it says 0.6 cents only for premium links ).

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