UpBux.com has closed down

Dear Members,

We want to speak the truth to you.

PayPal limited our account, and after 5 days without sleep and many phone calls

We have not received a single answer, no reason for the limitation of our account.

Our team has worked very hard during these 4 months, day and night to bring a confident and happy environment for our members.

And I see that all you have always supported us. Unfortunately now that decision is no longer in our hands.

I did the impossible and what was in my power so that we can follow with UpBux, but despite all of our efforts, it seems impossible to fight with this great Mafia perhaps one of the largest in America.

They limit our account and about 85% of all our funds were in our PayPal account.

Then it has become became impossible to continue. I ask you to open refunds and we will return all the money to you. PayPal will not keep one penny of our members money.
Now, UpBux has joined other ptcs that gone.Well, many ptc went down after its paypal account limited by paypal. Palmbux has gotten issues with paypal too before, maybe they are lucky they can solve it :D, maybe it is just UpBux has a bad luck after all or UpBux has not tried hard enough.

I don't know if this is just an excuse or real case. However the site has gone and you could not do anything about it. If you have invested there i suggest you open refunds either paypal or alertpay to get your money back. Until now the best PTC is still NeoBux :D

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