Is Really a scam site? Yes it is !

If you joined and wondering is it a scam site and worthy to waste up your time clicking its ads, the answer is yes is a scam site and it is not worthy to waste up your time clicking their ads.

Well i think almost everyone that making money with ptc know about it is the oldest PTC.If you have not know yet, is the biggest scam site ever now.But well,it still got so many member to be scam with.

Yes, maybe they were paying its member but that is really long time ago!

The was just a scammer.Their trick to scam their new member and make them believe that is not a scam site was by posting at their own forum that they paid members with a really big amount of money and put the posts on the site sidebar.Oh well, maybe they really paid them, but to think of it, there is just a few people paid by them, and you did not know how many member they have, you got tricked!!

Yes!!There are so many people waiting for their payment from for years already! Do you want to join them?Well that is up to you..

Maybe you think that " Why cannot pay its member? It has many advertisers advertise their product and site on "
If that's what you think then You Are Wrong. The ads on the surf ads page are just fake ads. No advertisers want to advertise their product at bux sites because all they got was fake traffic, the bux sites members are paid to see the advertisers advertisement and they see it everyday, the members will not see the advertisement but they just waiting the 30 second timer. and many other bux sites out there getting their money by selling fake referral. YES!Fake referral!The referral they are selling are just a fake referral, how u think they got 500 referral to sell everyday?

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2 comments to “Is Really a scam site? Yes it is !”
docx format said...

My brother has account on buxto. i will tell him that this is a scam site.

Learn Internet said...

I hadn't got my money that I earned by clicking on ads:(....that means it is really a scam site...
wastage of time....

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